Getting Started

The first step is to call or email me - so we can arrange a meeting.    Our first meeting will be professional but at the same time it will be fun. 

My aim is to make sure that working as a team we can create the  ceremony that is yours and presented your way with my help and advice.

We can discuss all the plans for your wedding ceremony and all the legal aspects will be professionally covered.   Before we meet, I will ask you to check you have thought about these legal requirements and have the following documentation:

  • Bride and Groom over 18 years of age. 
  • Original Birth Certificates and Drivers Licences.  
  • Decree Absolute if Bride or Groom is divorced.  
  • Death Certificate if Bride or Groom is widow or widower.    
  • Current passport or formal identification if from overseas.    
  • Notice of Intended Marriage Form 13. created at our meeting.  
  • Two witnesses, over 18 years will be required on the wedding day.

Payment of your registration fee ensures the date and time are confirmed in the calendar.

Couples Living Overseas Wishing To Marry In Australia.

Visa requirements and legalities are discussed individually as each couples situation is unique.

I am able to conduct a civil ceremony for anyone marrying in Australia as long as the legal requirements are met.

Most often, passports and original birth certificates (in English) are all that is required for you to marry in Australia.