Refreshments at Summerlees

Refreshments at Summerlees

Marriage Guidance and help:

Relationships Australia - Tel: 1300 364 277

Rosalind Morris Couselling - Marriage, Family & Personal 14 Bundaroo Street Bowral.

Associated Relationship and Marriage Councellers, 1A/2C Lachlan Street, Wollongong Tel: 02) 4210 6172

Suzanne Butz, Moss Vale. Tel: 02) 4869 4659/0412 555141

Here are some useful contacts and information to help and inspire you in your planning.

Venues in the Highlands:

Summerlees, Illawarrra Highway, Sutton Forest

Montrose Berry Farm, 11 Ormond Street, Sutton Forest

Gibralter Hotel, off Centennial Road, Bowral

Peppers Craigieburn, Centenial Road, Bowral

Peppers Manor House, Sutton Forest

Milton Park, Bowral

Mali Brae, Nowra Road, Fitzroy Falls

   Beautiful outdoor setting


Beautiful outdoor setting